Zsané Jhé

"Girl you extra. You better make them read all about it."

Born in East St. Louis, IL to a mother bold enough to name me Zsane (pronouced, Zhan-Ay) and tenacious enough to elevate her mindset in order to re-purpose her surroundings. 
There is no question where I get my real-ness. Serving truth & poetics to whomever would listen since the sixth grade, I've grown quite comfortable with my voice and challenging others to normalize their own.

My life can be summed up by my determination to make the truth, beautiful.

Raised as the only child, I started writing in order to feel less alone. In a world full of child-like pretense, I craved having somewhere to run to tell the truth. Even as a child, the truth meant EVERYTHING. It became the way I related to the world and those around me. I agonized over and purposely sought out the truth as if I were uncovering some great lost treasure, and found so much strength yet discomfort, and unpleasant-ness associated with it. 


As a storyteller, I connect people through truth.

 empowering women. uplifting black people. inspiring self-awareness.

embracing living life authentically & loving yourself through the darkness.



  • Co-Starred on OWN's Greenleaf (Season Two)
  • Co-Starred on TV One's Fatal Attraction
  • Lead in the award-winning Indie Film #STANDARDS


  • Content Creators of Atlanta Awards show,
  • Opening for the phenomenal Jasmine Man's ATL tour
  • Blossom Launch Party (digital streaming network)
  • Re-Launch of Jobbing with Jas
  • The Robot Rebel Presents LEMONADE Event


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