Zsané Jhé is a professional storyteller, spoken word artist and actress. Her writing and performance is customized for each specific audience, creating a unique and thought-provoking experience for all attendees to not only witness, but feel inspired, connected, and empowered. Her audience ranges from female entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, young millennials and college students. She is passionate, keeps it real, and invested in connecting people with purpose and truth. Every audience she encounters has built a bridge to the next, which she considers the greatest compliment.



Zsané Jhé is available for:

  • Launch Events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops/Programs
  • Weddings
  • Keynotes/Commencements
  • Private StoryTelling Coaching

topics include:

  • Normalizing your voice to maximize your message
  • Telling the truth, and being authentic
  • Embracing your own story
  • Being empowered with purpose
  • Loving yourself through the darkness


storytelling investment: starting at $350

*StoryTelling is not limited to events and topics listed above. Please use contact form at bottom of page to ask any questions regarding your specific audience, event, or topic. To begin the booking process, use "BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION" button at the top of this page. All StoryTelling pieces are original and written by Zsané.


Since meeting Zsané Jhé, her spirit has been infectious. And when she performed at our launch party, the feeling was no different. She has such a way with words and knows how to take your inspiration, add her special sauce and deliver! We’re always grateful for her presence.
— Diamonde Williamson, Founder of Blossom (digital streaming service)
Zsane Jhé brings light and love to every space she enters. And she certainly brought the power of love for writing with her piercing words at the Content Creators of Atlanta Awards (CCAA 2017). She asked for the concept and feeling I wanted to give to the audience and one-week later she brought the house down! Jhé’s words entered the depth of a writer’s soul, their heartbreak, their insecurities, their strengths, passion, and love of the craft. Only a writer could speak life into the moments of despair writers feel. We hope she becomes a staple at the CCAA’s for years to come.
— AZ Yeamen, Director/Founder of Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio
I first came across Zsane’s talent at Blossom’s Launch Party. I was blown away! Simply put, the way she was able to deliver words penetrated my spirit. At that moment, I knew I  wanted her to be a part of my event in some capacity or another.  I gave her the topic and told her to do her thing. Listen. She DID that! She delivered a message that had the entire venue in  goosebumps. So glad I was able to have her talent as a part of my event but happier life has allowed our paths to cross. ANY chance I can enlist her voice... I will be doing so. I cannot thank you enough, Zsané... but since you know more than anyone that words mean something I’ll just say it, thank you.
— Jasmin Forts, MBA, Founder of Jobbing With Jas (Career Consultant)
I had the honor to hear Zsane Jhé speak at another dear friend of mines launch party and she totally made me stop and stare.  I could not believe the amount of emotion, movement, and sharpness that shot off each and every word. I had found my voice, coming out of the body of another being! Just a game changing woman of substance, rawness and, POWER. I booked her immediately for my very own event, IT WAS A MUST!
— Antres Finnie Founder of TheRobotRebel.com


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